For as long as he can remember, Scott Wissemann's life has revolved around being in, or around, the water. But excruciating shoulder pain almost caused the 51-year-old owner/operator of a marina and avid recreational swimmer to give up his livelihood and his passion.

Now, he's back at his physically demanding job – and in the pool – thanks to Jonathan B. Ticker, M.D., a fellowship-trained shoulder subspecialists at the Orlin & Cohen Orthopedic Group.

"While I had been experiencing pain in my left shoulder for about a year, it increased considerably when I was cleaning up after Superstorm Sandy, with the constant lifting of cinderblocks and other debris," explains Scott, who had surgery performed on his right shoulder by Dr. Ticker three years earlier.

"I had complete confidence in Dr. Ticker's abilities. When he recommended surgery – and assured me that I'd be back at work without limitations within a month – I believed him." The skilled orthopedic surgeon and his team kept their word. With the office staff making all the arrangements and processing the necessary paperwork, Scott's surgery was all set.

"Two days after surgery, I was back to work with a sling and was able to continue working on a limited basis for the next two days," he notes. "A mere nine days after surgery, I swam 2,500 yards as part of my normal exercise routine. My physical therapist was thrilled with Dr. Ticker's recommendation to get my arm in motion as soon as possible, and feels that was one of the reasons my rehabilitation went so well." Scott says he was pain free and enjoying the full use of his arm within two weeks of surgery.

"I am back to swimming three days per week and working full time, thanks to the skills of Dr. Ticker."

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