While years as a professional surfer and snowboarder have taken a physical toll on John Piccarelli, he credits Orlin & Cohen Orthopedic Group's fellowship-trained knee and hip subspecialists with giving him back years on his beloved boards.

John initially became a patient of the practice in 1997 while he was a professional snowboarder. Craig Levitz, M.D., a knee and sports medicine subspecialist reconstructed John's right knee. Several years later, he returned to Orlin & Cohen when he tore the meniscus in his left knee while surfing competitively. He had the knee surgically repaired by Eric Price, M.D., a fellowship-trained, sports medicine subspecialist.

"Dr. Price got me back up to speed after a quick surgery and rehabilitation," he explains. "He understood how much it meant to me to be able to compete on a high level. I am amazed at how well both my knees are doing with all the abuse they take with my surfing, snowboarding and wakeboarding."

But it wasn't a specific injury – rather severe arthritis and dysplasia in his hip – that threatened to change John's life forever in 2012. The active athlete, who had been suffering with very bad hip and back pain for nearly five years, was having difficulty with simple tasks such as putting on his shoes or getting into a car. It looked like surfing was going to become a distant memory.

After discussing his options with Orlin & Cohen's Bradley Gerber, M.D., a fellowship-trained, hip subspecialist, who initially attempted to relieve John's pain via cortisone injections, they decided to go forward with the Birmingham hip resurfacing procedure.

"Hip resurfacing was definitely the best option for me. Immediately after surgery, my back and hip were feeling much better. Six months after surgery I was surfing; 10 months snowboarding, and at 12 months I was back wakeboarding," John says. "The mobility that I have with my hip is great. Athletically, I'm performing at a higher level; I have better range of motion and I'm pain free."

"I would like to thank all the doctors at Orlin & Cohen for each time they gave me my life back – and made it even better than before."

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